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Florida State QB Jameis Winston Explains Why He Shoved An Official On Saturday

Jameis Winston made headlines on Saturday for shoving an official during the third quarter of Florida State's dramatic 20-17 win over Boston College. The official was standing in between Winston and center Cameron Erving, and in an attempt to get under center, the signal caller pushed the referee out of his way.

Today, Winston explained what happened with the official, saying that he was just trying to go up-tempo.

"He was just holding me because he said we had a substitution," Winston said of the official. "It was actually a fast-tempo play, so I was trying to get up under there and let it ride."

FSU coach Jimbo Fisher backed up his quarterback's claim, saying that the Seminoles called for an up-tempo play, and that Winston was just trying to execute.

"I don't think [Winston] realized it. He was caught up in the excitement of the moment," Fisher said. "Hey, you get emotional. He didn't realize. He thought he could snap the ball. ... He knew that was his job -- get out there and set and snap the ball."

Officials standing over the ball and allowing the defense to make a substitution after the offense makes a substitution is a pretty common occurrence, so it's a bit unusual that any quarterback would act like this. While Fox's Mike Pereira said that Winston should have been ejected, it's good to see that this was just a simple misunderstanding and he wasn't acting maliciously.