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New Google Chrome Extension Will Replace New Florida State Logo With Old One On Websites

Are you a Florida State fan that still doesn't like the new Seminoles logo? Well, one intrepid fellow 'Noles fan has created the Google Chrome extension for you. The extension, "True Logo," replaces the new logo with the old one on a number of popular websites.

Swap out the 'false' Florida State logo for the real deal. Built with love for the fans.

Like many people, I check sports web sites like to check out how my favorite football team is doing before and after the game.

Now, when reading up on online articles we always get that terrible, new Nike logo (that was not designed with community input) when checking up on our favorite team.

So! To make things a little easier on the eyes, I built a Chrome extension that will swap out the new logo for the classic version (see attached images).

Extension only works at, Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, Seminoles Twitter account, and maybe one or two other sites--but it's already improved my mood 1000%.

Open for suggestions for more sites, if you have any recommendations.

Just a note: It's barely a beta, so your mileage will vary.

We're sure there are more than a few Seminoles fans who will appreciate this extension.

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