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Florida State Teases New Seminoles Logo In YouTube Promo

Most humans, by nature, are resistant to change. But college sports fans are some of the most stubborn of all. Just ask supporters of Alabama, USC and Notre Dame if they'd be down with their school changing uniforms, logos and mascots every few years. Florida State, set to unveil a new look on April 11th, is facing some serious pushback from its fan base at the moment.

Today, the school released a 30-second clip on YouTube that serves to both tease the new Seminoles logo and remind fans that while tradition is important, change can be good for a program. In the clip, the narrator lists of a number of "what if we hadn't" moments that show how FSU has grown through alterations.

Supposedly, the logo will only see a slight change - so it's not as-if the school is completely rebranding. We'll see what fans think in just two weeks time.