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Florida State's Trip To The National Championship Game Cost University $2.82 Million, Left School With Initial $500K Loss

Winning a national championship doesn't come easily. It doesn't come cheaply either, apparently.

The Florida State football program won a national title this season--their first since 1999--beating Auburn in the BCS National Championship Game, 34-31, but it came at a cost. 

A report by says that the Seminole's trip to the national championship game cost the school $2.82 million, and left the state university with an original $500K loss, though a net profit is expected eventually, according to documents released Monday. 

">April 21, 2014

Most of the $2.82 million went to travel expenses ($1.73 million). The school sent 237 people to Pasadena, Calif. for eight days as part of the football team's traveling party; they sent 416 people as part of the band and cheerleader's group for four days; and 46 university representatives for four days, as well.

Florida State spent $710, 385 on "net ticket expenses" for more than 2,000 tickets that the school purchased for its own purposes--band, faculty, etc. The university sold 22,740 total tickets at prices between $215 and $385, but only collected revenue for 20,615.

The school expects to make back the $481,213 it lost on the trip by:

  • Getting its share of the cumulative bowl revenue which is split among ACC members
  • Licensing national championship gear
  • Increasing season ticket prices and booster donations

For a comparison, Auburn spent more than $3 million on its national championship trip. Alabama spent $3.4million to attend the national championship in Miami in 2013, including more than $800K on food at the team's hotel. In 2010, Alabama spent $4.3 million to play Texas in Pasadena.