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Fred Taylor Reveals Why He Chose Florida Over Florida State

This past Saturday, Florida junior running back Kelvin Taylor was berated by head coach Jim McElwain after a costly unsportsmanlike penalty during the team's game against East Carolina. Naturally, fans were wondering how Taylor's father, former NFL star running back Fred Taylor, was reacting to the news.

Well, Taylor joined Dan LeBatard on his radio show Monday morning to comment on the situation. In short, while he thinks that McElwain "overreacted" and disagreed with the coach challenging his son's manhood, he didn't seem all that upset. But he did drop one nugget of information that Gators fans will find quite amusing.

Taylor revealed that he chose Florida over state rival Florida State because then-head coach Bobby Bowden put his feet up on his grandmother's end table during an in-home visit.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

"I don't think he should test his manhood. The last coach that tested my manhood, I ended up making the total opposite decision and went to the University of Florida. That coach was Bobby Bowden. It's been a while man. It does come with the territory in most cases. Again, I thought that was a little bit extensive, a bit much. They'll figure it out. Either my son is going to fall to it or use it as motivation, as I told him.

...My grandmother didn't necessarily like the way he put his feet up on her end table, she like "ah, son, I don't necessarily like that man" so I changed my mind. He was like "son, you must be less of a man to change your mind on us." Well I thought I made a great decision at the end of the day."

You never know what's going to influence a high school recruit when it comes time to make a decision. Apparently, Bowden should have used better manners in this instance.