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Video: Soldier Surprises Wife And Kids At Florida State Football Game

A solider surprises his wife at a Florida State game.


Watch this video of Army soldier Ryan Otto surprising his wife and four kids at the FSU game and try not to cry.

With it being Veterans Day weekend, a lot of schools are finding different ways to honor those who have served and fought for our country. In the spirit of showing respect to those who have served, last night at the Florida State - Boston College game, FSU helped one Chief Military Officer III Ryan Otto give his wife, Jennifer, and their four kids the surprise of their lives.

Check it out:

That's good stuff. And it's a stark reminder of just one of the sacrifices those in the military and their families make. They don't have the luxury of seeing each other day in and day out, and a simple "thank you" when you see someone in uniform can go a long, long way.