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FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Warns Against Overreaction To Early Results, Notes 2014 SEC West

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was making his rounds through the "Car Wash" at ESPN Tuesday morning, appearing as a guest on a number of television and radio shows to discuss everything FSU - on and off the field- and had some interesting things to say about people's perception of the college football landscape too early on in the season. 

Fisher wants people to wait a little while longer before they decide how good a team is, and he decided to use last year's SEC West as an example of this. 

">July 28, 2015

Mississippi State and Ole Miss did start the season last year with 9-0 and 7-0 records, respectively, but maybe Fisher is onto something. Both of those teams lost more than 50-percent of their remaining games. Not the best way to finish a season, especially for teams that were so highly regarded early on in the season.