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FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston To Try Wearing New Contacts On Field?

Much needed.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who has admitted that he has trouble with his vision, has thrown for 24 touchdowns and just six interceptions this season wearing no contacts (he prefers not to in games). He's also completed over 70% of his passes. Imagine what he'd be able to do if he could actually see downfield.

Winston apparently got fitted for some new Ortho-K contact lenses today, which the Facebook page of 'Orsillo Vision Care and Optical' implied he'd be trying out on the field.

The photo has since been deleted - we're assuming because the company is worried about a potential NCAA infraction related to an amateur athlete promoting a business.

Looks like we'll soon find out if the name Jameis "Squintson" is a thing of the past.