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FSU's Jimbo Fisher Responds To Swinney's "We'd Win 5 Out Of 10 Games" Comment, Takes High Road


Earlier this week, Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney made headlines when he claimed that if Clemson and Florida State played 10 times, each school would probably win five games. The statement is pretty bold considering the Tigers just got whooped by the Seminoles 51-14 on their home turf.

Naturally, the media asked FSU coach Jimbo Fisher what he thought about the comment. Fisher did the right thing and took the high road:

“They have a great ball club and you’ll never know how each game goes. Like you say, you watch a World Series game, a team can win 10-0 one day, lose 10-0 the next the day. Good teams play, and that’s the thing about athletics, every game has its own life. That’s the thing about athletics that we just don’t understand. A team could win big one day, the other team can win the next day.

On a different day, maybe they do it. But that’s a game in which we played well. I still kind of like our team pretty much, too.”

Who would win more games out of 10 is a moot point -- when the teams squared off last Saturday, the Seminoles had their way.

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