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In An Official Survey, This Student-Made Florida State Logo Was Over 5 Times More Popular Than The School's New Graphic

When Florida State's new logo was first leaked back in early April, it seemed like the majority of Seminoles fans took exception to the number of changes the school had made. It turns out that it might be even more unpopular than was originally thought. A number of researchers put together an online public opinion surveyto take a look at how fans and students were reacting to the new look. Below is the stated purpose for the the research project, which compared the school's old logo, the school's new logo, and a student-made logo that had gotten support from the community.

This research was conducted to understand the opinions of Florida State University (FSU) students, alumni, fans and the public at-large regarding FSU’s original logo, new logo, and a third logo developed by Jodi Slade (FSU alumna and graphic artist).

The new logo was voted best by just 7.6% of those who took the survey. The student-made logo got 42.1% of the vote. The old logo took the rest - 50.3%. Here are all three options.

You can read all about the third option, created by Jodi Slade, over at her blog.

FSU has already gone through the process of rebranding ahead of the 2014 season, so it's unlikely that even if it decided to make another change, it'd be done any time soon. It has to be disheartening for the school to put all that time and effort into a change that over 90% of fans simply don't prefer. FSU supporters - what should be done here?