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Jalen Ramsey Has Some Harsh Words For Former FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher

Florida State's Jalen Ramsey tackling a player.

WINSTON SALEM, NC - OCTOBER 03: Jalen Ramsey #8 and Keelin Smith #37 of the Florida State Seminoles sack Kendall Hinton #2 of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons during their game at BB&T Field on October 3, 2015 in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Florida State won 24-16. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Jalen Ramsey had a pretty fruitful college career at Florida State, under head coach Jimbo Fisher.

In 2013, Ramsey started the entire season as a true freshman. As you may remember, Florida State put together a dominant undefeated season and captured the BCS National Championship, with Jameis Winston leading the way as the team's Heisman-winning quarterback.

From there, Ramsey was a two-time All-ACC player in 2014 and 2015, a consensus All-American in 2015 (after being second-team in 2014), and wound up as the No. 5 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The outspoken Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back has been a major media focus this off-season. Today, ESPN's Mina Kimes put out a long piece for ESPN The Magazine, from an interview with Ramsey.

In the article, Mina Kimes asked Jalen Ramsey about now-former Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher.

He did not have the best things to say about his former coach. It seems to stem from his ejection from a practice one day in 2014.

Ramsey describes Fisher, with uncharacteristic brevity, as "OK." I tell him I've never met the coach. "You're not missing out," he replies. During Ramsey's sophomore year, Fisher once reamed him out after he pushed a blocker into quarterback Jameis Winston, kicking him out of practice. When I bring up the incident, Ramsey starts fiddling with his phone. "Here it is -- I've got the video," he says. He also saved a screenshot of the SportsCenter news alert.

Ramsey was also turned off when Texas A&M used him in a graphic, touting Fisher's development of defensive backs. Fisher, of course, came through the ranks as a quarterbacks coach, and as Ramsey noted, probably had limited involvement in directly coaching DBs at all (although he and his staffs clearly recruit them well).

After knee surgery and a well-timed growth spurt, Ramsey was widely recruited, ultimately landing at Florida State. He started from day one, the first Florida State cornerback to start as a true freshman since Sanders. "I expected to, and Coach [Jeremy] Pruitt expected me to," he says of his defensive coordinator. "Nobody else did." The obvious omission is former head coach Jimbo Fisher, now at Texas A&M. In February, when an A&M assistant tweeted a graphic touting Fisher's record with defensive backs, Ramsey clapped back online: "He didn't teach me not one DB technique ..."

Even when coaches change schools, players who played for them usually don't have super hard feelings about them. It is unclear if Fisher's departure for Texas A&M has much to do with it here, Ramsey is just a different guy, and doesn't seem to have the best relationship with him.