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Jameis Winston Comments On The Crab Legs Photo He Posted and Deleted

A couple hours after he was drafted No. 1 overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL Draft Thursday night, Jameis Winston posted a photo of himself eating some crab legs. 

The photo, unsurprisingly, went viral, as Winston got himself into some trouble last spring when he took crab legs from a Publix without paying for them. 

Winston later deleted the photo - Tampa Bay executives reportedly told him to do so - and commented on it during an introductory press conference Friday afternoon. He says it was a simple "thank you" to Captain Keith Colburn of The Deadliest Catch, who gave them to him as a congratulatory gift. 

">May 1, 2015

">May 1, 2015

Hopefully this is the last time we have to write about crab legs.