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Jameis Winston Given 20 Hours Of Community Service For Stealing Crab Legs, Crawfish

Update: Winston, via his attorney, Tim Jansen, has issued a statement on the incident. He claims that he intended to pay for his dinner. He also says that he will complete the requirements of the Civil Citation Program.

"As reported in the news, last night I received an adult civil citation for petit theft from a local supermarket. I went to the supermarket with the intent to purchase dinner but made a terrible mistake for which I’m taking full responsibility. In a moment of youthful ignorance, I walked out of the store without paying for one of my items.

"I realize that I am in the public spotlight and my conduct needs to be above reproach. Over the last year I’ve learned that my accomplishments on the fields can be a wonderful thing for my school, teammates, friends, and family. At the same time, I must realize that my mistakes are magnified and can bring great embarrassment to all those who support me every day. I make no excuses for my actions and will learn and grow from this unfortunate situation. I hope and pray my friends and family will view me as the 20-year-old young man that I am, and support me through this unfortunate situation."

"I am grateful to be able to participate in the adult citation program where I will complete community service."

Earlier: This morning, it was originally reported by Tomahawk Nation that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston had been cited by police for shoplifting crab legs from a local Tallahassee Publix Tuesday night. In response, the Seminoles have suspended Winston from the baseball team while he fulfills the obligations laid out as part of Florida's Civil Citation Program. This afternoon, Michael Wood, director of the law enforcement division at the Leon County Sheriff's Office, shed some light on the incident.

Here are the facts, per Wood:

  • Around 10 PM, police responded to a local Publix near campus regarding a customer leaving without paying for $32.72 worth of crab legs and crawfish.
  • On arrival, staff informed the officers that the person in question was Jameis Winston. Publix also has video of Winston, who acted alone, both in the store and leaving the store.
  • Police proceeded to Winston's residence around midnight, read him his Miranda rights.
  • Winston was very cooperative, awknowledged that he left without paying for the items, but claimed he "forgot" to do so.
  • Both Publix and Winston agreed to his entering of Florida's Civil Citation Program, which is set up for first-time offenders with no criminal history. Should he complete the requirements of the program, the citation will be removed from his record. Should he not, he could possibly he prosecuted for petit theft.
  • Winston has seven days to reach out to Disc Village about completing his 20 hours of community service.
  • Winston has every intention of fulfilling his obligations.

We'll keep you updated on whether or not Winston cooperates and finishes his community service. As noted earlier, he won't regain his spot on the FSU baseball roster until it's completed.