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Jameis Winston Is Now Featured On A Publix Advertisement In Tampa Bay

Oh, the irony. Jameis Winston, who once got caught stealing shellfish from a Tallahassee Publix when he was still playing for Florida State, is now featured on advertisements for the company. Winston, the overall No. 1 pick in this past year's NFL Draft, is part of a banner campaign for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ahead of the 2015 season. Bucs fans have been posting photos of the banners in town on Twitter.

">August 29, 2015

According to TMZ, the company has squashed its beef with Winston.

"We've moved forward, we're past this. We hope Jameis has done the same, and is moving forward."

"Part of our affiliation with the team is to do the right thing for the community. If Jameis has an idea that would make the community better, [we 'd] gladly hear out his proposal."

How long until he's the company spokesman? Don't be surprised to see him in commercials if the Bucs win 10 games this fall.