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Jameis Winston's Lawyer Posted Accuser's Name On Twitter

It's considered common practice for everyone involved in a rape investigation - lawyers, police, and media - to protect the name of the accuser, for obvious reasons. Apparently, Jameis Winston's lawyer, David Cornwell, doesn't feel he needs to operate under the same set of rules as everyone else. Tuesday night, just short of two weeks before Winston's disciplinary hearing at Florida State to determine whether or not he violated the school's student code of conduct, Cornwell tweeted out the full name of the quarterback's accuser. He included her name in both the text of the tweet and the accompanying photos. 

We've blacked it out, and we're not linking to it. Here's a screenshot.

Regardless of how the case turns out, it's a disgusting move. Let's hope that anyone who comes across her name exercises common sense and respects her privacy.