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Jimbo Fisher "Doesn't Have Knowledge" Of Winston Selling Autographs, Believes Players May Stop Signing Items For Fans

After a 38-20 win at Syracuse, Jimbo FIsher was asked about a report by Racing To A Red Light that Jameis Winston memorabilia was found in the same authentication database as the autographed items that led to the suspension to Georgia star Todd Gurley. While the Florida State head coach says that he has no knowledge of his quarterback being involved, he had some harsh words for anyone that would exploit players. He believes that the issue may lead to players not being allowed to sign anything for fans at all.

"Kids sign things all the time," Fisher said. "So, what do you want them to do, stop signing stuff? We could make them not have any fans from that standpoint and not sign for anybody. That's what it's going to come to, and that's a shame for college football, that somebody exploits a kid. Now, if they're getting paid for it, then I don't have any knowledge of that. I don't believe Jameis did."

While there are differing opinions on whether or not players should be able to profit off of their likeness, Fisher is absolutely correct to admonish people who look to exploit players. Unfortunately for the Seminoles and their fans, this may be the least of Winston and Florida State's problems.