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FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Apparently Has A New Girlfriend

It appears Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has a new girlfriend: A Tallahassee local reportedly named Courtney Harrison.

If you were watching the matchup between Michigan and FSU last night, you probably saw it. Seminoles' 51-year-old coach, Jimbo Fisher, upon winning the Orange Bowl, celebrated the victory by seeking out a seemingly random woman and giving her a big ol' celebratory smooch.

If you didn't see it, well, here it is:

They look pretty happy!

Plus, as it turns out, she's not so random anymore. According to Busted Coverage, the lovely lady is Fisher's new girlfriend, a Tallahassee local named Courtney Harrison.

Fisher went through a pretty nasty divorce with his then-wife Candi a summer ago, so it's nice to see that he's moved on and found some happiness. Good for them both. You know things are getting pretty serious when the two are willing to kiss each other on national television.