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Jimbo Fisher On Winston's Crab Legs Hook-Up: "If He Says It's True, I Guess It Is," Calls It An Isolated Incident

Last night on ESPN's "Draft Academy," during a practice interview with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, Jameis Winston revealed that he had a "hook-up" at the Publix who provided him with the crab legs that he was caught taking last spring. This changes the shoplifting story that we had been given, and Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about this revelation during today's ACC football teleconference.

Here is the full quote, via ESPN:

"If he says it is, I guess it is," Fisher said of Winston. "I had no knowledge of it until I came in this morning. But FSU, we did make contact with Publix back then to make sure there was nothing going on."

Fisher was confident that the Winston incident was an isolated one.

"(FSU's compliance department) had communication about that before and have had communications today, and they think it's certainly an isolated incident that happened. They're in the process with working with it right now, so I don't think it's anything else more than that."

If it was an overzealous fan looking to hook up his favorite players, and Florida State had no prior knowledge of it, then the 'Noles are probably okay with regards to the NCAA. It is definitely interesting that wrinkles are still being added to this bizarre story, a year later and with just a week until draft day.