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Jimbo Fisher Responds To Charles Barkley Saying The ACC Is A "Bullshit" Conference

Jimbo Fisher was at ESPN on Wednesday as part of the network's "Car Wash" style of programming.

During the Florida State coach's appearance in Bristol, Conn., he was asked to respond to a comment about the ACC by one of the biggest loudmouths in sports, Charles Barkley.

The NBA analyst for TNT did an interview with ESPN's Russillo & Kanell earlier this summer. Kanell, who played quarterback at Florida State, and Barkley, who played basketball at Auburn, sparred a bit about the strength of their respective conferences when it comes to college football.

Both agree that the SEC is the best in the sport, but they disagreed on how big the gap is. Barkley says the SEC is "far and away" the best, while Kanell disagreed. This led to Kanell bringing up Florida State.

"Florida State plays in a bullshit conference," Barkley said. "They only have one hard game a year - that's Clemson."

Fisher appeared on Russillo & Kanell on Wednesday and they played Barkley's comments for him.

Here's his response, from Reddit CFB:

"I spent 13 years in the SEC, 10 years in the ACC," Fisher said. "There's not as big a difference as everybody makes it out. We have a great conference. ... It's great football. Look at the (NFL) draft picks."

"Now, Charles, they didn't say that about you when you played basketball in the SEC," Fisher said. "And you were as good as there was. I loved you, him and Chuck Person. They could play down there now. We play good football in the ACC. Charles is one of my favorites. I love Charles."

You can listen to the audio of the interview here. It starts at about the 41-minute mark.

Florida State opens its 2016 regular season on Monday, Sept. 5 (Labor Day) against Ole Miss in Orlando, Fla.

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