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Jimbo Fisher Says Florida State's Scrutiny Comes Because Of Success, Not Because They Have More Issues Than Other Programs

Has any program in college football faced more scrutiny in recent seasons than Florida State? 

The Seminoles had to deal with Jameis Winston's off-the-field actions, the dismissal of freshman quarterback DeAndre Johnson and the investigation of starting running back Dalvin Cook, among other things. 

Is the scrutiny Jimbo Fisher's program has faced deserved? The FSU coach appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike Tuesday morning. He says Florida State doesn't have more issues than other programs, the Seminoles have just had more success than others so they're easier to criticize under the spotlight. 

">July 28, 2015

">@MikeAndMike: “When Florida State does something, it’s magnified because of our success"

— Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN) July 28, 2015

There's probably some truth to that. The best teams in their respective sport always get more attention than others.

That doesn't make what some of Florida State's players have done excusable, though.