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Jimbo Fisher Says Those Who Knock Florida State Don't Understand Football, He "Feels Sorry For Them"

Jimbo Fisher has a message to those who write about college football and downplay what Florida State's done this season: you don't understand football. 

During his pre-ACC Championship Game session with the media Friday afternoon, Fisher was asked about the people who discount Florida's State's winning streak because of how the Seminoles have played, who they've played, etc. 

Fisher feels sorry for those people. 

">December 5, 2014

It's not just college football writers who are discounting Florida State's undefeated season a bit, though. It's the College Football Playoff selection committee, which has FSU, 12-0, ranked No. 4, behind three one-loss teams (Alabama, Oregon, TCU). That committee is made up of some people who probably know football, seeing that it includes multiple former college football coaches, players and national champions.