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Jimbo Fisher To Jameis Winston: "You Can't Make Those Mistakes Anymore Because You Carry A Huge Burden"

Jameis Winston's father may believe that his son needs someone to be with him at all times, but Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is not making excuses for his quarterback.

Palm Beach Post's Tom D'Angelo spoke with Fisher about Winston. Despite the increased pressure and publicity placed on the Heisman winner, Fisher says he must learn to cope with it himself.

“To keep someone on somebody 24 hours a day is a very difficult situation. You enable them if you’re not careful. You still have to be responsible for your own actions.

We will always monitor our players and we have to monitor him more because he does get more attention. But at the same time he has to be his own man and be able to do the things he has to do.”

Fisher also discussed the "burden" of being a major representative of Florida State University as a whole with Winston.

“You have to be aware of what you are and what’s going on and you can’t make those mistakes anymore because you carry a huge burden. You’re the face of our university. You’re the face of our football team."

Winston likely only has one more season at Florida State. He would do well to keep out of trouble, not only for his school and his team, but for his own NFL draft stock.

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