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Florida State OL Josh Ball Accused Of Violence By Ex-Girlfriend

20-year old Sandra Sellers says she dated Ball for over a year, and was the victim of physical violence from the redshirt freshman three times during that time frame.

She outlined some pretty horrifying allegations while seeking protection from the 6-foot-8, 325 pound redshirt freshman.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Sellers, 20, wrote that she dated the 6-foot-8, 325-pound redshirt freshman for a year and a half and that he first struck her because of an argument last December. Sellers alleges that Ball cracked her phone by throwing it against the wall, slapped her in the face and threw shoes, jewelry and phone chargers out of her car as she tried to leave.

The next allegation occurred March 15, when Ball visited Sellers’ family in Hillsborough County and was unhappy that she hadn’t responded to his text messages quickly enough. When Sellers threatened to tell her parents about the ensuing argument, Ball grabbed her and shoved her into a closet, according to the petition filed in September.

The final instance came two weeks later. Sellers wrote that Ball was healing from a concussion and became "extremely angry" because she was not spending enough time with him. Ball then grabbed her and threw her to the floor, cutting open her right knee, according to the petition.

Following the final alleged incident, Sellers says that Ball broke her car key and deleted photos of her injuries from her phone. She also details an incident involving a roommate that was broken up by Florida State football staff before campus police could intervene, and damage done to her car.

Florida State says that Ball's status remains "unchanged" while the matter is investigated. A court hearing is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

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