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Kirk Herbstreit Is Really Impressed With 1 Team's Performance Today

Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN's College Football Playoff rankings show.

Because Alabama looks almost unbeatable, some of the other likely College Football Playoff participants have actually gotten undersold a bit. Clemson football looks terrifying today though.

Florida State is in a serious down year, as it looks to transition from the Jimbo Fisher era to new head coach Willie Taggart.

Still, it would have been hard to see anything like today's game happening.

With just under nine minutes left in the game, Clemson is up 59-3 on its ACC Atlantic rival. It is one point shy of the all-time biggest blowout in the series.

Things are so bad that the "highlight" for Florida State today is probably the fan that was caught on camera with his shirt off, reading a book in the stands.

As the Tigers roll ahead to the win, Kirk Herbstreit took to Twitter to rave about this Clemson football performance.

His tweet came in the third quarter, when the Tigers were merely up 45-0.

Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence gets better by the week. Today, he was 20-for-37 for 314 yards and four touchdowns.

Back-up Chase Brice he thrown for 90 yards and a touchdown, and the Tigers have run for three more scores on the ground.

If a team can compete with Alabama this year, and that is a huge if, Clemson's probably your best bet once again.