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LeBron James On Winston's Speech: "Just Shows Part Of The Reason Why He's SPECIAL!"

The King has spoken.

After tonight's 34-31 Florida State win in the national title game, Offensive MVP and Seminoles signal-caller Jameis Winston gave a pretty passionate interview to ESPN's Tom Rinaldi. Winston talked about how it was a blessing that he's come so far, he recapped what he told his teammates before the final drive, and he even gave himself a Happy Birthday shoutout -- it was all quite fantastic.

Several people weren't pleased with the speech, however, and took shots at Winston -- namely AJ McCarron's mother and his girlfriend, Katherine Webb. Each insulted Jameis Winston's speaking abilities -- it was clear that they were being sore losers. Thankfully, most people appreciated Winston's genuine enthusiasm and passion. In fact, LeBron James loved the speech, and took to Twitter to share that he thinks Jameis' answers showed what makes him so special. It was pretty high praise:

For a refresher, here's video of the speech again, via DieHardSport

LeBron did also praise a number of other players in the game on both teams -- he very much enjoyed this year's title game.