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Leonard Hamilton's Bizarre Decision Cost Some People A Lot Of Money

Leonard Hamilton's post-game interview went viral for all the wrong reasons.


With 10 seconds remaining in the game, Michigan led Florida State by four points. Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton quizzically decided not to foul to extend the game.

Sure, the odds of FSU coming back were low. However, they were infinitely higher than just not doing anything in the final 10 seconds.

Most Wolverines fans were probably thrilled to see no foul, and will take a 58-54 Elite Eight win all day. Michigan bettors, though? Not so much.

Michigan entered the game as 4.5-point favorites in most sportsbooks. That means Leonard Hamilton's decision cost those who bet on Michigan with that spread some money.

Had Michigan gone to the line and hit just one free throw, the Wolverines would have covered. Brutal.

On the other hand, at least there's some consolation for the Seminoles fans who bet on their team. We're sure 'Noles fans would rather be heading to San Antonio though.

Leonard Hamilton is catching heat for how he handled a question about the decision after the game.

Following the loss, Dana Jacobson asked about the decision not to foul. Hamilton seemed thrown off by the entire thing.

“What are you talking about?” Hamilton answer Jacobson. “You think that the game came down to the final seconds?”

Certainly the game wasn't lost with 10 seconds left. However, we've seen far crazier things happen in college basketball games than Florida State pulling that out.