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Mike Pereira, Former VP Of NFL Officiating: Jameis Winston Should've Been Ejected For Contact With Ref

Jameis Winston made contact with an official during today's Florida State-Boston College game.

In the third quarter of the contest, Winston, appearing to want to get a play off before the Golden Eagles' defense was set, attempted to shove a referee out of his way. 

Winston was not flagged for the act and the announcers for ABC's telecast of the game made light of the contact, laughing quite loudly. 

Former NFL vice president of officiating, Mike Pereira, who currently works as an analyst for FOX Sports, thinks Winston should have been punished. In a column for, Pereiera says the former Heisman winner should've been ejected. 

I've looked at this play several times, and in my opinion, Winston should have been penalized for shoving Webster not once, but twice. In fact, I feel he should have been ejected.

Contact with an official can clearly lead to an ejection. (Referee Michael) Webster was doing his job, which was to hold the snap until the referee cleared him in this situation. Winston clearly pushes him out of the way so he can get the snap off. 

Winston probably should have been flagged for the act, but calling for his ejection seems a bit harsh. Players make contact with officials throughout the game during live plays. While Winston's contact occurred intentionally, and before the ball was snapped, his intentions were clearly to attempt to just snap the ball. The referee obviously wasn't bothered by the "shove," either, as no flag was thrown. 

Florida State, which won the game on a last-second field goal, improved to 11-0 on the season. 

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