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Nebraska Star Ameer Abdullah Criticizes Jameis Winston's Maturity: "He Has A Long Way To Go"

College football stars Jameis Winston and Ameer Abdullah grew up about 18 miles from one another, both coming from towns outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Now, both find themselves on the shortlist for the sport's highest honor: the Heisman Trophy. Abdullah was asked about Winston's recent issues, and he is very critical of the Florida State quarterback.

"Think before you act. Understand the bigger picture. Everything that you do, say or how you present yourself can have dire consequences. That's something I feel like he definitely needs to assess more."

According to the article, Winston and Abdullah have worked out together in Birmingham, and have known each other since they were in eighth grade. Abdullah is a year older than Winston, but does not believe that youth is an excuse for what Winston has done.

"Maybe he feels like he needs to be this guy in the spotlight all the time just because of who he is down there," Abdullah said. "Maybe he's doing things trying to be the guy making people laugh, but he's doing it in a very negative spotlight... You should see yourself as a young guy but hold yourself to a higher level of maturity," Abdullah said. "Definitely he has a long way to go."

Winston may have won the Heisman Trophy last year, but Abdullah, with his 625 yards and five touchdowns through four games, may be the better bet for the prestigious award this season at this point.


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