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Not So Fast, My Friend: If Lee Corso's Retirement Is On The Horizon, We'll Always Have These Moments

It could soon be time for Lee to hang it up.

Not so fast, my friend.

Is Lee Corso getting too old for GameDay?

With a 73-85-6 coaching record in college, Lee Corso didn’t really make a splash in the coaching world. But he sure did cause a tidal wave in the NCAA broadcasting scene. Corso joined ESPN’s College GameDay in 1987 and has provided analysis and entertainment ever since. Unfortunately, it may soon be time to say goodbye to the legend.

After watching Corso the past few seasons, it’s been obvious to see that his age is catching up to him. He returned to the show in 2009 after a minor stroke and has continued to show signs of mental deterioration. But before he retires, let’s look at his memorable moments while it’s still in good taste.

“Ah, F*** It”

Who can forget about last year when picking his headgear for the matchup of the week, Corso drops the F-bomb on national TV. The reaction from Kirk Herbstreit is priceless.

While picking the Sooners, Corso acts foolish while attempting to fire a rifle.

He stutters and loses his train of thought while talking about a matchup.

Last year, during the Sandusky sex scandal made an intriguing comment. Accidental, humorous or distasteful? You be the judge.

Lee Corso is a fellow Seminole and even though he did not do much for Florida State in his coaching and playing days, I still have a lot of love for him. These videos are just a few examples that demonstrate his declining state and I think a retirement is on the horizon. Let’s just hope we get a couple more good “Not so fast, my friend” exclamations before it’s all said and done!