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Orlando Sentinel Columnist Mike Bianchi Says Jimbo Fisher "Quit" On Florida State

Jimbo Fisher explains move to Texas A&M.

Fisher took the job at Texas A&M this month.

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi didn't pull any punches regarding Jimbo Fisher today.

Appearing on The Paul Finebaum Show, Bianchi used the words "bail" and "quit" to describe how Fisher left Tallahassee for Texas A&M.

Fisher left the Seminoles with one game left in the regular season and after eight years in total.

Bianchi had originally published a column on Nov. 7 detailing why Fisher wouldn't leave for Texas A&M, but he ultimately was wrong.

Bianchi said his sources on the matter thought the flirting with the Aggies was another attempt at Fisher trying to get more money and power at FSU.

"He always comes up with something to get more from Florida State, and that's what they thought this was," Bianchi said.

You can listen to the full Finebaum segment with Bianchi here.