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Photo: Florida Fan's Sign At College GameDay Calls Jameis Winston Illiterate

One of the worst jokes that people make at Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's expense is to make fun of the way he said "strong" during his postgame interview after the 'Noles won the 2014 BCS National Championship Game. According to some people, Winston pronounced it "scrong," and while I think there was nothing wrong with his pronunciation, here's the video and you can judge for yourself.

Today, during College GameDay, some Florida fans decided to make fun of the way Winston said "strong" with this sign, which also claims that the FSU quarterback is illiterate. Check it out:


— Alligator Army (@AlligatorArmy)

This Jameis Winston sign is bad and you should feel bad, #Gators fan. (Via @NickdelaTorreGC)

— Alligator Army (@AlligatorArmy) September 13, 2014

">September 13, 2014

Making fun of someone for being illiterate -- especially when that person is not illiterate, they just pronounce a word different than you do -- really isn't funny. While this certainly isn't the worst anti-FSU themed sign we've seen this year, it's still in bad taste.