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Photo: Florida State Calls Itself 'Premier College Football Program In America' In Recruiting Letter

Which school should boast that it's home to America's premier college football program?

Alabama has won three national championships since 2009; Auburn won the SEC and appeared in the BCS Championship Game in 2013, winning it in 2010; Ohio State appeared in more BCS bowls (10) than anyone else. 

Florida State, though, is the reigning national champions, and, thereby, the Seminoles claim to be the "premier college football program in America." That's what they tell recruits, at least. 

In a recruiting letter to 2015 five-star defensive end CeCe Jefferson, the Seminoles brag about their recent success. 

">August 15, 2014

Fans of Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, and other schools surely don't agree with that statement.

Bragging about yourself in excessive fashion is pretty typical in recruiting letters, though.