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Photo: FSU Baseball Team Honors 'Noles Defense After Performance Against Florida

One of the cool traditions at Florida State is the "spiked ball" one involving the Seminoles' baseball and football teams. Each time the Seminoles record a shutout on the gridiron, FSU baseball coach Chip Baker gives the team's defensive coordinator a baseball with a spike through it, decorated with the score of the game on it. 

It's a tradition that has been going on for over two decades, with four different DC's receiving the reward for their work. 

This week, Baker added a cool twist to the customary spiked ball. Florida State thumped Florida 27-2 in its annual rivalry game last week. That score obviously isn't a shutout, but the FSU defense didn't surrender any points; the Gators only scored on a safety. Therefore, Baker felt the spiked ball gift was still appropriate, but with a slight alteration.

">December 5, 2015

Look closely. That's a screw fastened into the ball, with a safety pin attached to it. A safety pin, as a way of indicating that a safety was the only way the Gators scored. 

Well done, coach Baker.