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Photo: This Alabama Fan Has A "THXFSU" License Plate

When Alabama fans decide they want to troll Auburn, they go all out. The latest example of this is an Alabama fan's custom license plate, which says "THXFSU." Of course, this references Florida State's win over the Tigers in last year's BCS National Championship Game. Check it out:


— Meilticket (@Meilticket)

That's hatred between rivals

— Meilticket (@Meilticket) August 15, 2014

">August 15, 2014

Odds are this isn't anyone's last name, so this is an excellent troll job by this Crimson Tide fan. There have been some good license plates in this rivalry, like the Auburn "00:01" plate, and this fan's plate is up there with some of the best we've seen.