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Photos: Jimbo Fisher's Hair Is Making An Impressive Comeback

The battle millions of men all over the world face at some point in their lives, the one against their hair - please stop falling out! - is not a battle that is won by many. 

Jimbo Fisher is giving those men hope. 

The Florida State football coach has been losing his hair for a while. Earlier this winter, the 49-year-old coach said he was thinking about doing something to change that. "I lost a lot more hair. A lot more. I'm gonna have to get something plugged in up there," he said

It appears he has done something. 

">August 6, 2015

">July 29, 2015

Now compare those photos to these ones from a year or two ago:

">February 28, 2014

">August 29, 2013

Good for you, Jimbo.