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Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Iced Florida State Kicker Roberto Aguayo During Pro Day

Florida State's Roberto Aguayo is one of the top collegiate kickers in recent memory, and one NFL head coach really wanted to put him to the test at his pro day. Aguayo spoke about the workout to ESPN, and included an interesting anecdote about being iced by Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin:

This was on display at Florida State's pro day, where apparently Tomlin had some fun with highly rated kicker Roberto Aguayo. He iced Aguayo -- at a pro day! -- as the Seminole attempted a 50-yarder, which he made, of course.

“Tomlin called a timeout. They want to see you still kick it because you can test, see where the wind’s blowing and everything, so they liked that, how I kicked it still. It was a 50-yarder.”

On whether the an idea that something like that would happen: "Oh yeah. You get prepared for everything and anything. I’m prepared for anything. Whatever they want. The Steelers' [assistant coach] was trying to get in my head at the beginning. He was asking all these questions, but after I didn’t pay attention to him, he walked off. See, those are the little things they want to see, if you get distracted, if you get flustered from


They’re like, ‘Why are you going to hit five warm-ups? Why can’t you hit three warm-ups?’ All those little things and he’s like, ‘Oh, you’re sticking by the book,’ and I was like, ‘Yes sir.’ Those are the little things, see, and overall I think I had a good workout.”

Aguayo passed the test with flying colors, apparently, because Tomlin says he was impressed.

Drafting a kicker can be a risk, especially if a team uses a pick higher than the sixth or seventh rounds, but based on his college career Aguayo seems like a safe bet.

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