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Sammy Watkins Thinks Georgia Tech's Option Offense Should Be Banned, It's "Not Real Football"

Georgia Tech's triple-option offense is currently being displayed to the world, with the Yellow Jackets taking on Florida State in the ACC Championship Game. 

Thus far in the contest, it's been pretty effective, as No. 11 Georgia Tech currently leads No. 4 Florida State, 14-7. 

In Sammy Watkins' mind, though, the Yellow Jackets' offense isn't fair. The former Clemson wide receiver and current Buffalo Bill thinks Paul Johnson's distinct system should be banned from college football. 

While many will disagree with Watkins' assertion that Georgia Tech's offense should be banned, he is correct with a couple of his points. It is incredibly tough to practice against and it's not run in the NFL - or by most high school and college programs. That's what makes it so difficult to stop, though, and why Johnson chooses to run it. It also does a great job leveling the playing field when the teams' athleticism levels are different.

Florida State and Georgia Tech are currently squaring off on ABC.