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Tallahassee Police Department Releases Incident Report From Karlos Williams Case

Back in late October, the Tallahassee Police Department announced that it was investigating an alleged domestic battery incident involving Florida State running back Karlos Williams and a female on campus. We later learned that Williams' girlfriend, who he also has a child with, had taken to Facebook to post photos of herself covered in bruises. In the accompanying note, she claimed that she'd sustained them at the "hands" of a man who had bore her two children (she is pregnant with Williams' second child as well).

Wednesday, TPD released the official incident report for the case. The report, which you can read in its entirety here, details how the woman's Facebook posting was the catalyst for the investigation. She also claims that she took the post down "because of all the feedback."

According to TPD, she was willing to speak with a "victim advocate", but wound up deciding against pressing charges. Click through for the entire report.

Williams has remained part of the Florida State football team through the process. We'll keep you updated on the situation.