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Update: Florida State Releases A Video Of Bobby Bowden Saying What People Should Do If His Statue At FSU Comes To Life

Update: Florida State released a video of someone asking Bowden the question, "If your statue at FSU were to come to life and start wreaking havoc on campus, how do we stop it?" The video features Bowden saying that he wouldn't want to stop the statue if it came to life. As you can guess, it's pretty great.

Earlier: Former Florida State head football coach and the all-time winningest coach in FBS history Bobby Bowden did an Ask Me Anything on the college football subreddit today, and answered questions on everything ranging from the best athlete he ever coached to whether he preferred grass or turf. The two-time national championship winning coach was funny and insightful, and every answer came from Bowden's incredibly unique perspective. Here are his five best answers from the AMA:

5) Bowden talks about his dream job: the head football coach at Alabama

4) A Miami fan tries to troll Bowden about Wide Right I and Wide Right II, but Bowden takes it like a champ

3) Bowden remembers coaching against Steve Spurrier while Spurrier was at Florida, takes a good-natured shot at the Ol Ball Coach.

2) Bowden gives his thoughts on the new playoff system and argues that FSU would have played in the College Football Playoff a lot under him

1) Bowden gives some dadgum perfect advice on what FSU students should do if his statue at the school comes to life

There were plenty of other fantastic answers from the AMA, including his most memorable moment at FSU, his reaction when his son, Tommy, beat him for the first time, and his preferred brand of sunglasses. If you have some time to kill, definitely check out the entire AMA.