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Undefeated? ESPN's FPI Predicts Which 5 Teams Have The Best Odds At Running The Table

For teams that reside in perceived "weaker" conferences (or teams that don't have a league to call home), posting an undefeated record is likely the only way to have a shot at reaching this year's inaugural College Football Playoff. It's widely assumed that teams from the SEC and Pac-12 will have a representative in the competition - the rest is pretty much up in the air. 

Monday, ESPN tweeted out a graphic that shows which five teams currently have the best odds, per its Football Power Index, of going undefeated the rest of the way. The list is led by BYU, but also features Oklahoma, Florida State, Oregon and Baylor. The Sooners and Bears clearly have to play each other later in the season, so that game could turn out to be very important. Alabama is also noted as having a 1.1% chance of running the table - that may be a surprise to Tide fans.

">September 8, 2014

The Cougars coming in at No. 1 may also surprise some people, but if you take a look at their schedule, it's not hard to fathom. They already took care of Texas and don't really have another opponent on their schedule that is expected to have a great season. For reference - they still have Houston, UVA, Utah State, UCF, Nevada, Boise State, MTSU, UNLV, Savannah State and Cal. 

The question becomes whether it would even matter. Does a 12-0 BYU squad with a weak schedule get the nod for the playoff? Probably only if multiple conference winners have two losses. What do you think?