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Video: Jimbo Fisher Says FSU Wanted Alabama In BCS National Championship Game

When Florida State won the BCS national title last season, it had to go through the SEC champion, Auburn, to get it done. And while head coach Jimbo Fisher acknowledges that he wanted the matchup to be with the Southeastern Conference title winner, he apparently wanted that team to be Alabama. While giving a pep talk to the FSU softball team earlier this week ahead of the Super Regionals, Fisher dropped a line about his team's desire to play the Tide last season.

It's unlikely that Fisher's comment is meant to be a dig at Auburn. It's a better bet that Fisher and his players viewed Alabama, which had won three of the past four national championships, as the standard for the conference at the time. Regardless, Alabama lost to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, further proving that it was not the clear-cut best team in the country. FSU, of course, outlasted Auburn on a last-minute drive in the fourth quarter.