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Video: Jimbo Fisher Yelled "Let Me Coach This Offense!" At Jameis Winston

Let Jimbo Fisher coach the offense, Jameis Winston. 

A couple plays before the conclusion of Florida State's drive at the end of the second quarter in the ACC Championship Game against Georgia Tech, the Seminoles took a timeout. 

Fisher did not appear to be happy with some of the decisions his quarterback was making at the line of scrimmage. As Winston and Fisher walked toward the sideline, the Florida State coach yelled "let me coach this offense!" at his quarterback.

Check it out: 

That type of interaction is surely not uncommon for a coach and his quarterback, but it's rare for the TV cameras to capture it.

Winston should probably listen to his coach, too, as Florida State scored a touchdown on its final four drives of the first half. The Seminoles currently lead Georgia Tech, 28-21.