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Video: Randy Moss Offers Advice To Jameis Winston - "We've Been In Similar Situations...Reach Out To Me"

Last week, ESPN broadcast a fantastic "30 For 30" documentary about Randy Moss' path from the small town of Rand, West Virginia to the NFL. Moss spent one redshirt year at Florida State before legal issues forced him out of Bobby Bowden's program. During "America's Pregame" on Fox Sports 1, Moss offered some advice for embattled Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, and asked Winston to reach out to him if he ever needs advice.

Winston's issues have not derailed his career, like Moss' nearly did before he broke out as a superstar at Marshall, but he certainly seems like someone that can use help adjusting to life as a superstar athlete. If anyone understands the toll that local stardom takes on someone, it is Moss.