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Videos: Jameis Winston Shows Off His "Boom Boom Room," The Childhood Room Littered With All Of His Accomplishments

Jameis Winston has a message for his critics: Check out everything I've accomplished. 

The Florida State quarterback was back at his childhood home in Alabama recently, and he posted four separate videos on Instagram, detailing his "Boom Boom Room," the room he lived in as a kid, which show off all of his various accomplishments, athletic and academic. 

Winston, in one of the videos, says he was "a superstar as a kid" and he's trying to "get back to that level."

When speaking about his academic accomplishments, Winston says, "To people that believe I am dumb, let me reiterate the academic wall, where I've made straight As and I am continuing my success at Florida State, which I hold a 3.4 GPA. Thank you."