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Watch: Florida State LB Jacob Pugh Ejected For Controversial Targeting Call

Jacob Pugh called for controversial targeting.

This call didn't go over well in Tallahassee.

Florida State is in danger of falling to 0-2, as the Seminoles trail NC State 20-13 in the second half.

Standout wide receiver Auden Tate is out with an injury, and FSU just lost linebacker Jacob Pugh to a very questionable targeting call.

Pugh came in and hit wide receiver Gavin Locklear as he was attempting a pass on a trick play. His arm struck Locklear in the face but this really did not seem like targeting.

FSU fans were clearly unhappy at this call. From our estimation, it did not warrant ejection.

FSU and NC State are heading to the fourth quarter, with the Seminoles driving.