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Why Can't Jimbo Fisher Beat Unranked Teams?

Or, rather, why can't his team?

Florida State lost to NC State on Saturday, ruining an otherwise perfect season. The defeat hurt for a number of reasons, not the least of which was because it meant the loss of a chance at a national championship

But also, it felt so familiar. FSU could win, should win, didn't win against an inferior opponent. We've been here before, haven't we? Like, a lot?

Actually, yes. Buried in a post on David M. Hale's very good Nole Nation is this bit: "...The loss to NC State -- Jimbo Fisher's fifth to an unranked opponent since taking over in 2010 -- has at least temporarily ruined much of the good will built up through a 5-0 start."

Losses to five unranked opponents in less that two seasons. Sorry Seminole faithful, but that's brutal. We'd love to hear why you think FSU struggles against squads it should beat. The coaching staff? The players? The, gasp, fans? Chime in.