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ESPN PR Exec, Georgia Tech Associate AD Spar On Twitter About...Matt Millen

This is something.

You'd think that anyone associated with an ACC school would be happy with how last night's Orange Bowl turned out for the conference, considering the Clemson Tigers posted a solid victory over an Ohio State team that came just a few plays away from playing for a national title. But Georgia Tech Senior Associate AD Ryan Bamford decided to throw some #snark ESPN's way after hearing how well the ratings did for the game. Bamford poked fun at announcer Matt Millen, who many people seem to dislike for various reasons.

The network's Senior Director of PR, Keri Potts, responded with multiple insults to the Yellow Jackets' program.

Check this out:

It's a bit odd to see two high-ranking officials going at it in public, but we've definitely seen worse on Twitter. Uncalled for on both sides? Yep.

[Cork Gaines]