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Video: Georgia Tech's DeAndre Smelter Shakes Off A Defender, Scores A 71-Yard Touchdown

This throw by Georgia Tech quarterback Justin Thomas to wide receiver DeAndre Smelter should have only gone for about 26 yards. The second Smelter caught the ball, he was wrapped up by a Wofford defender, and two other members of the Terriers' defense were swarming to the ball, ready to help bring Smelter to the ground. Instead, Smelter shook the defender trying to bring him town, split the two defenders pursuing him, and took off for one of the craziest runs after a catch that you'll see this week. Check it out:

The Yellow Jackets beat Wofford, 38-19. Smelter had a huge game, as the senior caught five balls for 132 yards and a pair of touchdowns.