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Fans React To Bill Murray's College GameDay Performance

Bill Murray appears on ESPN's College GameDay from a hammock.


Even in an unusual year, College GameDay has done pretty well getting top flight guests. Last weekend, the crew got Wake Forest hoops legend Chris Paul for the Demon Deacons' game against Clemson. This weekend, ahead of a ranked ACC game between Louisville and Miami, ESPN landed beloved actor and comedian Bill Murray.

Murray obviously wasn't a legendary alumnus of either school, but he does have a Louisville connection. His son Luke Murray is an assistant for the Cardinals' men's basketball team under Chris Mack, following him from Xavier when he took the job. When you can get Bill Murray to appear on your show, though... you take it.

His appearance was far from typical, though. Murray showed up on a video connection that looked like something out of the dial-up era. He was also swinging in a hammock, as one does when one is Bill Murray.

Evidently ESPN wasn't able to send some equipment his way. It honestly adds to the charm of the whole, bizarre situation we're in. And who can ever get annoyed with Bill Murray.

There may be no school more happy with Murray's appearance today than Appalachian State. Evidently, Murray had "one of the best times of his life" during a visit to the school, so he's going with the Mountaineers against Marshall today. "If I ever go back to Appalachian State, I might not ever get out of there," Murray said. "It's a lot of fun. I'm going for the Apples." (Ed. note: Appalachian State's teams are not known as the Apples.)

Overall, fans seemed to dig Murray's very relaxed appearance.

Murray wound up going with his son's school tonight, leading to a split in the main matchup. Lee Corso and Desmond Howard opted for Miami, while Murray and David Pollack are rolling with Louisville.

Not everyone can get away with crappy internet and appearing in the bottom corner of the screen while swinging in a hammock on College GameDay. For Bill Murray, though, it feels perfect and we wouldn't want anything different.