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Boston College Players Applauded For Louisville's Trey Lewis At Midcourt During Team Introductions

No matter your feelings about the Louisville basketball program, you have to feel absolutely terrible for grad transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, who joined the Cardinals this season in hopes to make their first NCAA Tournament. Louisville self-imposed a post-season ban this season yesterday, costing Lee and Lewis the chance to play in the post-season in their one season with the Cardinals.

The team is currently hosting Boston College, and the two players received a massive ovation, as expected. Lee is out with an injury, but when Lewis was announced as a starter, BC's players gave him a round of applause from midcourt.

">February 6, 2016

">February 6, 2016

">February 6, 2016


— Tabnie L. Dozier (@WHAS11Tabnie) February 6, 2016

Really classy gesture by the Eagles, and the Louisville fans.